Loose Leaf Tea  

Taking the time to make the perfect cup of tea makes all the difference. A little patience goes a long way!

The great tea growing regions of the world produce tea for most of the year, but each area has its best months when the finest teas are made. Richmond Tearooms work with suppliers to create and order the top three grades in these peak quality months.

Whole Leaf & Flowers (4 grades)
Whole Leaf (4 grades)
Broken Leaf (11 grades)
Fanning (6 grades)
Dust (2 grades) – the quality found in most “everyday” tea bags!

Northern India, the worlds most important tea producer and source of “the champagne of teas” Darjeeling, is a good example – the slopes of the Himalaya produce their best in early March and June, whilst Java produces its best tea in September and China in March and April.